Vw's 10commandments

Vw's 10commandments

1. Thou shall gather at Volkswagen shows and events, and join with clubs and travel in with the packs.
2. Thou shall speak of Volkswagen several times daily and of a positive manner.
3. Thou shall enjoy the daily task involved in maintaining and clean one's Volkswagen.
4. Thou shall take interest in Germany. Interest in it's people and it's culture.
5. Thou shall spread the good gospel of Volkswagen, being of fine quality and dependability, to the blind man.
6. Thou shall learn, and take into study, Volkswagen's history.
7. Thou shall stand up for the values and beliefs of Volkswagen - of company, employees, owners, and of the fellow Volkswagenist.
8. Thou shall never pass another Volkswagen in distress. Love thy brother of both water and air.
9. Thou shall try to make one pilgrimage to Wolfsburg in one's life. By one's self or of representation.
10. Thou shall love thy Volkswagen. Even if the child is sick, one shall love that child no less. Shower it with the gifts of custom accessories.
It is important to remember that air cooled and water cooled children are of the same father, Volkswagen. Do not make borders between each. We must travel with and among each other in harmony. To become a true Volkswagenist one should follow these commandments of life.
On the road of life, there are owners and there are followers.

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new beetle logo in the snow

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enjoy 2009

Hello VW fans


A new year has begun, so I thougt maybe it would be great to change the background a little & some other small things .

I hope you like it ;-)

I don’t know what 2009 will bring for me & Silverstar ,maybe some meetings I don’t know yet.

Not much happened on my blog last year because I was tired of all those meetings ,maybe this year I’ll do some more .


Best regards



Ps: keep the  love for your VW

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Happy 2009

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winter beetle

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Thanks to Redpoppy


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VW Bugball meeting

Bugball VW meeting

21st of July


more info;


first year ; new beetles allowed!

gps ; Café de Groene

Hoornstraat 59

8340 St.Rita (Damme)


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New Beetle mania

New Beetle Mania

The Volkswagen New Beetle has been well loved in the U.S. since its launch in 1998, but like any car that has been on the market nearly unchanged for over a decade, the Bug is starting to get a little long in the tooth. But the wait for a new model will likely be worth it for Bug-lovers as the next-gen car will likely spawn two models.

The next Beetle is expected to hit our shores in 2010 or 2011, and will ride on the same platform as the next-generation Golf – due out in 2010. That model would be similar to size to the current car, and will offer a hybrid drivetrain.

To slot in below that car, Motor Trend says that VW is also considering building a smaller version of the Bug based on the up! citycar platform. Its styling would be unmistakably Beetle and could even include a rear-engine layout – a throwback to the original car.

If VW decides to green light a second Beetle model, it would essentially create a sub-brand for VW — similar to Toyota's Scion – and could spawn even more models in the future.

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VW considers New Beetle MK2


VW considers New Beetle MKII for 2010

The new New Beetle will come off that platform, in the 2010, or more likely, the 2011 calendar year and will include a hybrid version. VW would be smart, in fact, to make the MkII New Beetle hybrid-only, as its distinctive style lends it the same kind of instant recognition as the Toyota Prius. VW of America hasn't officially confirmed the next New Beetle, saying only that it's under study. But what does it need to study? Even with sales sliding to the low 30,000s as the current model has aged, it's selling at twice the rate of Golf/GTI sales in the U.S.

Then comes the North American version of the Up!, which made its debut at the 2007 Frankfurt show. VW is rumored to be considering a Beetle-style version of the rear-engine, monobox/hatchback concept. Makes sense, since American consumers remain more nostalgic for the Beetle than they are practical about boxy hatchbacks. What's more, J Mays designed his Concept 1, for the 1994 Detroit show, to be built on the smaller Polo platform, not the Golf platform, so we know that adaptation of the New Beetle style to a smaller car is far from impossible.

Two distinct new (or New) Beetles amounts to a sub-brand for Volkswagen, which sold just 231,000 cars and trucks here last year. With the warm, fuzzy feeling people already have for the People's Car, positioning this sub-brand as highly fuel-efficient could be the best strategy VW has had for the U.S. market in a long time.

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Murders from Beernem

Meeting "Murders from Beernem"

13th of July 2008

more info


09.15u - 09.30u: Get together 
09.30u - 12.30u: Start tourI & Visit “Murders of Beernem”
12.30u – 14.00u: diner & fotoshoot “Di Coylde”
14.00u – 18.00u: interactive tour

18.00u – 18.30u: End meeting

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Friesland New beetle Meeting

Friesland New Beetle Meeting

 19th till 21st of September 2008

more info



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Bugmeeting Antwerp 1st of June

Bugmeeting Antwerp

1st of June 2008

'this weekend'

Bugs,New Beetle,Porsche ,Vw Busses etc...

more info



Castle Bijckhove

Merksemsebaan 280-2110



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New Beetle Books

New beetle Books

*Haynes Service and Repair Manual

   Vw Beetle apr.’99 –‘01

ISBN 1 85960 798 5

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*Vw New beetle Performance Handbook
  ISBN 0-7603-0909-4

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*The Beetle
ISBN 1-57145-565-5

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*The New Beetle
ISBN 0-7603-0644-3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*New Beetle; The return of the Bug

ISBN 90-804563-1-4

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*New Beetle
ISBN 3-7688-1085-2

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*Ihr New Beetle
You can not buy this book in shops

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


*Ihr New Beetle Cabriolet
You can not buy this book in shops

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Picture of the Month May 2008

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New beetle Story

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Limited New Beetle Hotwheel

New beetle Hotwheels

To celebrate 40years Hotwheels & 10 years Newbeetle

Volkswagen Mexico brings out 240 new beetle Hotwheels.

More info;


more info about the beetle: 2.5l ,Manual or triptronic, Leather seats in black & red, Red mirrors, Rear wing, 17inc alloy wheels,alloy sport pedals,etc...


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Beetle United 3th of May (DE)

3th of May

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

More info;


10 am till 6pm

already "92 "beetles


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1st of May ; Bug meeting Hoeilaart

Bug meeting Hoeilaart

More info


Gemeentepark Hoeilaart

Start : 9u30 am

Top 10

Tour ; 30km's

animation for the kids



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Picture of the month april

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Picture of the month March 2008

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Cincinatti Auto Show

New Beetle @ Cincinnati Auto Show


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New Beetle Vintage

Limited edition "vintage"

more info



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Pics of first meeting of 2008 "Ghent"


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First meeting of 2008

New-beetle.be's first meeting of 2008

this Sunday in Ghent


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New beetle introduced in India??

New beetle in India?

 source ; http://www.domainb.com/

Pune: The unveiling of the world's cheapest car, Tata Motors' Nano at just over Rs1 lakh has made India one of the world's leading markets in the sales of small car. This small car will have company at the premium end of the market too, with European majors bringing in their premium small cars.

Not to be left behind in the race, Volkswagen now plans to introduce the new Beetle, and BMW also wants to come out with its Mini. The New Beetle and the Mini are expected to carry premium price tags of around Rs20 lakh. Andreas Prinz, managing director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, too has acknowledged the a positive demand and 'pressure' from the Indian market for Volkswagen to bring out a small car in the country.

Volkswagen is looking at importing the New Beetle, the iconic car that was truly the "people's car" in Germany. Import duties in India are the main reason for the car to be priced at approximately Rs20 lakh when it eventually makes it to Indian shores, as it will be imported as a completely built-up unit (CBU). Due to low volumes estimated at the premium end of the small car segment, it is more likely that the car would be available with a single engine configuration, which will take some analysis on the part of Volkswagen, given the "different" road conditions in India.

 Reports indicate that a possible market introduction could be on the anvil towards the end of 2008, or the beginning of 2009, as the company would need to "homologate" the New Beetle in order to avoid penalties.

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New-Beetle.be meeting THIS WEEKEND!

Next meeting " Verborgen Parels"

24th Of February 2008

organised by


adress for GPS

Cultureel centrum 't Groenendaal

Brandegems Ham

B-9 820 Merelbeke

subscription CLOSED!

29 beetles participating

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Volkswagen México celebrates 10years New Beetle

Volkswagen Mexico celebrates

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, opened the ceremony on the 3th of February,celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Volkswagen New Beetle in the presence of the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, and guests from politics and industry.

 At the same time, more than 300 distinguished guests in Puebla also celebrated the production of the seven millionth Volkswagen in Mexico, which is at the same time the world's one millionth New Beetle.

The New Beetle was launched on the market ten years ago in January 1998. The vehicle is still exclusively built in Mexico for markets all over the world.

Otto Lindner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen de México, welcomed the guests. He underlined that the New Beetle was the first vehicle to be manufactured in Mexico for export worldwide. "Thanks to the success of the New Beetle, all models produced in Puebla today are exported from Mexico to over 100 countries.

" In his speech at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Winterkorn underscored his confidence in the Mexican location. He confirmed that Volkswagen would be investing approximately one billion US$ in Mexico over the next three years for Jetta production and capacity optimization at the Puebla plant. "As our only production location in North America to date, Puebla plays a key role in our growth strategy for North America. Volkswagen de México and the Mexican supplier industry are certain to benefit from this."

Prof. Dr. Winterkorn was delighted with the celebrations in Puebla: "The New Beetle has done a good job. 10 years and one million cars after production start-up it is still an important member of the Volkswagen family. We will be continuing this success story with the next generation of the New Beetle."

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New beetle dreaming

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New beetle Anniversary edition; Mex & AUS

 Anniversary edition

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Since 1998, it has been a fixture on our streets: the New Beetle. Now in 2008, the Volkswagen cult-car has been further enhanced, in the form of the New Beetle Anniversary Edition. New alloy wheels, sports suspension, a fresh colour as well as a special interior. Altogether, this results in an exciting limited edition that has made the appearance of the New Beetle even more engaging. With the Anniversary Edition we celebrate the anniversary of the international introduction of this modern interpretation of the original Beetle’s iconic design in an eye catching, limited edition, packed full of value. Based upon the affordable New Beetle Miami, the New Beetle Anniversary Edition offers a visually enhanced package, from the exclusive body colour and stripe treatment, to the 17” Versus alloy wheels and front fog lights. While the feature rich interior is dominated by the striking leatherette upholstery in a unique black and white theme and also includes front sports seats and cruise control. This exclusive version has a particular visual appearance with an exclusive Campanella white body colour contrasted by a black roof and door mirror housings. The look is completed with the distinguishing exterior stripe package. There are plenty of storage areas, such as the lockable glovebox, front door storage nets and a sunglass compartment in the headlining. Also in the centre console are the up-to-date cup holders. Additionally, there are two 12-volt outlets in the front and back. The interior comes across as very friendly with its likeable, black and white leatherette with white stitching and ‘10’ logo’s in the head restraints. Besides that, the New Beetle has a spacious feeling that seems unlimited in width and height in the front seats and offers ample space in the rear of this four-seater. Very comforting: the central door locking system with programmable automatic locking of the doors after the car starts is like a bodyguard in the big-city jungle. Electric outside mirrors and active carbon filters for the interior air are further important details that come standard. Right in the driver's door is a remote release for the 55-litre fuel tank cover as well as the cargo area. In its standard configuration, it holds 209 litres and expands to 527 litres when the seatback is collapsed.

The contouring of the body is distinctive. It transports the originality of the classic Beetle into contemporary times. The round stern, the dome-shaped roof, the rear section, the fenders with the hint of a footboard, the embedded round head - and tail lights - bring back memories of the Beetle while the sharp accented lines and windows confirm the up-to-date design and express youthful energy. The self-supporting body made out of zinc-plated sheet steel, has a twelve-year guarantee against corrosion. The firm steel body of the New Beetle as well as the synthetic guards and bumpers are painted in a specially developed process, so that the colouring is identical. By the way, as in the past, guards and bumpers are screwed on, which enables low-cost repairs. Meanwhile, the high design quality is confirmed by various international awards. The New Beetle received the coveted “Design of the Century Award” from the Industrial Designers of America (IDSA).

This honours products whose design plays a significant role in the success of the product or brand. Before that, the New Beetle had received the “Product Design Award” from the Industry Forum Design in Hannover and the award for "Good Design" from the Chicago Athenaeum.

 Part of the extensive standard equipment of the New Beetle are, amongst other things, driver and front seat passenger airbags, Head-Thorax airbag, ABS and EDS, dark-tinted side and rear window glass as well as hook-ups for the child seats in the rear.

The New Beetle Anniversary Edition is powered by a 1.6 litre petrol engine delivering 75 kW / 102 PS.The engine transmits its power through a five-speed manual transmission and a six speed automatic transmission is available as an option. The manual transmission returns a combined fuel consumption of 7.7 L / 100 kilometres and the automatic 8.1 L / 100 kilometers.

Models and Recommended Retail Pricing New Beetle Anniversary Edition - 1.6 Litre 5 Speed Manual $27,990

- 1.6 Litre 6 Speed Automatic $30,290


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Pic of the month ; February

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