Herbie and friends tour ,2005

Herbie and Friends Tour
bron :www.vwvortex.com
May 19, 2005
blogged and photographed by: Anthony Byrd
As 2005 marks the 50th anniversary of Volkswagen of America’s incorporation, Volkswagen will be launching a special commemoration of this milestone. In fact, Volkswagen will be teaming up with two other special “50 year olds” for an epic road trip across the United States and beyond.The Karmann Ghia is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its introduction, and Disney® is also celebrating the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World® in Florida. On June 24, Disney will release its latest movie, which will star the most-loved Volkswagen of all, Herbie in Herbie: Fully Loaded. The national tour, titled Herbie & Friends Cruise Across America, will begin on the historic Santa Monica Pier with a publicity event and travel across the country from California to Virginia with numerous stops along the way. Professional freelance photographer and 2001 1.8T GTI driver Tony Byrd will provide periodic photo and journal updates on VWvortex.com to mark the tour’s progress. The official portion of the tour will conclude in Virginia on May 29, where several of the vintage Karmann Ghias from the tour will board a freighter bound for Europe. From port, the vehicles will travel throughout Europe to visit their original home at the Karmann Factory in Osnabruck. Many of the cars that remain in the United States will continue on to Florida and then back to California.
Herbie & Friends Cruise Across America is scheduled to spread fun and festivities all across the United States, stopping at a number of Volkswagen dealerships, car shows, tourist traps and rest areas along the way.
May 13 - 4:00pm - Barber Volkswagen—Ventura, CA
May 14 - 5:00pm - Volkswagen of Santa Monica—Santa Monica, CA
May 17 - 10:30am - University Volkswagen—Albuquerque, NM
May 18 - 12:40pm - Cable Volkswagen—Oklahoma, OK
May 18 - 5:15pm - Brad Noe Autoplex—Tulsa, OK
May 19 - 11:15am - Youngblood Volkswagen—Springfield, MO
May 19 - 5:00pm - Auffenberg Volkswagen—O’Fallon, IL
May 20 - 6:00pm - Team Volkswagen—Merrillville, IN
May 23 - 9:00am - Volkswagen of America, Inc.—Auburn Hills, MI
May 23 - 4:00pm - Ed Schmidt Volkswagen—Perrysburg, OH
May 24 - 7:00pm - Bilco Motors Inc.—Wexford, PA
May 25 - 11:40am - Sharrett Volkswagen—Hagerstown, MD
May 25 - 5:45pm - King Volkswagen—Gaithersburg, MD
May 26 - 11:00am - H.A. Boyd Inc.—Lebanon, PA
May 27 - 12:00pm - Y B H Sales & Service, Inc.—Edgemont, PA
May 28 - 6:30pm - Brown’s Manassas Volkswagen—Manassas, VA

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