10 VW commandments

10 commandments


Thou shall gather at Volkswagen shows and events,
and join with clubs and travel in with the packs.

Thou shall speak of Volkswagen several times daily and of a positive manner.

Thou shall enjoy the daily task involved in maintaining and clean one's Volkswagen.

Thou shall take interest in Germany. Interest in it's people and it's culture.

Thou shall spread the good gospel of Volkswagen,
being of fine quality and dependability, to the blind man.

Thou shall learn, and take into study, Volkswagen's history and model line..

Thou shall stand up for the values and beliefs of Volkswagen - of company, employees, owners,
and of fellow Volkswagenist.

Thou shall never pass another Volkswagen in distress. Love thy brother of both water and air.

Thou shall try to make one pilgrimage to Wolfsburg in one's life. By one's self or of representation.

Thou shall love thy Volkswagen.
Even if the child is sick, one shall love that child no less. Shower it with the gifts of custom accessories.

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