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2nd International New Beetle Meeting Belgium

21st & 22nd of April 2007



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already 29 new beetles who participate


Saturday 21st of April

8.30am VWGarage Vanhoonacker

adres ; Wessterring 31

9700 Oudenaarde

9.00am ; Departure "Vlaamse Ardennen"

12.00 am; Lunchbreak

15.30 pm ; coffee-break

15.45 pm ; Fotoshoot Castel

16.15pm ;visit Castel

17.45pm ; arrival Holiday village (De Haan)

18.45pm ; Aperitif

19.00pm ; Dinner @ Holiday Village

22.00pm... ; Have a chat with other NB riders


Sunday 22nd of April


09.30am : Get together in the Lobby of  Holiday Village

Holiday Village NV
Bredeweg 115
B-8420 De Haan

10.00am : Departure to "Sluis"
12.00am : Arival "Sluis"

Here we can eat or make a tour by foot trough town

Everybody is free to leave when he/she wants to

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