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22nd of June

22nd of June


And that was done. In the presence of an international audience, on June, 24th , 1995, we read the manifest transcribed further on; thus, the WORLD-WIDE DAY OF THE VW-BEETLE was introduced! From that day on, every 22nd of June is dedicated to homage the object of their appreciation by the enthusiasts of the VW-Beetle all over the world. It is true that this date must be more divulged, in order to consolidate it for those that did not hear about the event in Bad Camberg; so, that is what we are doing now in writing this letter. We rely on the collaboration of everybody as to the divulgation of this date to their friends and, in case of clubs, to their associates. So please include an information about the World Wide Day of the VW Beetle in your Home-page and divulge it to other VW-Beetle lovers.

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