Limited edition New beetle Béijing

Limited edition

Béijing New beetleImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

14 New Beetles only released for the Olympic Games 2008 in Béijing (China).

The Beetles are used to drive around the VIP's @this event.

Vw & Audi are official partners of this event.

A little bit more info about the design;

The 14 artistic Olympic New Beetles, made their debut and were exuberant with strong flavor of Chinese culture and Olympic ideas.The novel angles of view and the volley of inspirations and insights provided a perfect interpretation of eternal classics and Olympic spirit advancing with times. These works of art,which borrowed international techniques and made full use of contemporary painting skills,incorporated traditional Chinese elements like Chinese dragon, paper-cut, Chinese dress, and Beijing opera with shape of New Beetles models, and perfectly combined the Olympic spirit with the bodyworks, representing the joy and expectation of the Chinese people for 2008 Olympic Games.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Hey Dat blijven toch supermooie auto-tjes hé! Geniet nog van je weekend.


Gepost door: Mega Hit Music | 16-12-07

Hello Beetlegirl ;o)
Ze zijn zo mooi!!!

Gepost door: ChocoTof | 13-01-08

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