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Rumours New Beetle 2 for 2010-2012

New Beetle 2 ???

(only rumours)

Stuttgart - Volkswagen is planning the next generation of the New Beetle including a Roadster version in 2012 despite recent reports that it is planning to end production of the model, Germany's auto-motor-sport magazine reports.

The New Beetle, a retro-style version of the original Beetle "people's car" that was last produced in Germany in 1978, has been criticised as too expensive and lacking appeal .

A Roadster version of the New Beetle would replace the closed Beetle version and convertible in 2012, the magazine reports quoting company sources. A Volkswagen spokesman however described the report as "speculation". The new model is based on the two-seater "Ragster" concept VW presented at the Detroit Motor Show in 2005, displaying a lowered roofline, 19-inch wheels and a canvas top that can be lowered at the press of a button, auto-motor-sport said. The Roadster would be powered by a 3.2-litre V6 engine with an output of 206 kW/280 hp. It would be fitted with start-stop automatic and brake-regeneration technology to conserve fuel, according to the report.

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