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HERNDON, Va. – Volkswagen of America, Inc. announced today its partnership with Barneys New York for the retailer’s “Peace and Love: Have a Hippie Holiday” campaign, a tribute to the explosive creativity and iconic designs of the 1960’s. As a focal point for the campaign, Volkswagen and Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan have commissioned New York artist John-Paul Philippe to custom paint a one-of-a-kind New Beetle inspired by the decade and its indelible iconography. “Volkswagen is proud to be recognized by Barneys New York and Simon Doonan as an iconic brand and an essential component in honoring classic 1960’s design and culture,” said Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing at Volkswagen of America. “The story of the New Beetle and the role it continues to play as a beacon of pop culture shows that smart, functional design can transcend time.” “While the counterculture of the late ’60s produced a host of cultural icons, none captured the vibe more poignantly than the Volkswagen Beetle,” says Doonan. “

The custom-painted New Beetle imparts to the campaign a modern and fresh take on something familiar and loved, while still capturing the essence of the era.” The one-of-a-kind New Beetle is featured in imagery in all of Barneys holiday marketing materials including windows, shopping bags, holiday mailers and gift cards. Also during the holiday season, the Barneys flagship Manhattan store will carry a limited edition Antique Jewel Box sterling silver cufflinks in the shape of 1974 Volkswagen Beetles designed by the Caroline Collection. After making the rounds on the fashion circuit in New York City, including serving as Simon Doonan’s official transportation at the Bryant Park fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, the New Beetle will be on display outside Barneys.

 The installation window display will be constructed from November 10-14, and will remain through the end of the year. Barneys, in partnership with Volkswagen of America will cap off the holiday season in style by giving away the featured vehicle. Tickets will be available to holiday shoppers in-store and online, with a suggested price of $100.00 and proceeds will benefit the Carbon Fund (carbonfund.org). Volkswagen and the Carbon Fund created the Carbon Neutral Project in September 2007 and so far, 278,496 trees have been planted in the Volkswagen Forest in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, accounting for 413,609 tons of carbon that the Volkswagen community has offset to date.

The partnership with Barneys caps off a year of celebration for the New Beetle’s 10-year anniversary. Originally unveiled as a design study car called “Concept 1” at the North American International Auto Show in 1994, the New Beetle made its worldwide debut in 1998. Over the last decade the New Beetle has solidified its place in American pop culture, transcending consumers’ age, income, education and gender to connect classic Beetle enthusiasts with contemporary audiences. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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