New Beetle Next Generation

New Beetle Next Generation


The Volkswagen Official explain that the next generation of the New Beetle will be available next year, it  will be focused more on the dynamics rather than on retro style. The serial version of the new Beetle will be showed at the Motor Los Angeles Show in November 2010, and its sales will begin in May 2011 both in the U.S. and Europe.

A little later will appear convertible version of the compact first, Like today’s version the new will also be assembled in VW’s factory in Puebla, Mexico, together with the VW Jetta. Both cars will be on a common platform and will have a number of other common parts and engines. The new platform will give the Beetle a wider track and longer wheelbase than today’s model. This will result in better dynamics and better road holding of the second generation Beetle.

The design of the car will have to do with a concept from 2005 called Ragste, basic design will continue to recall the original Volkswagen Beetle, round headlights and tail lights. Suspension will be MacPherson front and rear torsion. The wider track and longer wheelbase will increase the space and the interior volume, but relatively low roof will again create problems for the heads of higher passenger. Luggage storage will be increased to 250 liters.

The engine of New Beetle will be powered by gasoline and diesel engine that is base on gasoline will be 1.2 liters with 105 hp power, after 1.4 with power 160 hp, while the top will be two-liters unit with 210 hp power. Only for the U.S. version there will be a five-cylinder and 2.5 liters volume, which will power 170 hp. Among the diesel engines we will see a volume of 1.6 liters and 105 hp output and two-liters with 140 hp power. At a later stage we will see a hybrid version of a system as shown in Detroit in January Jetta CC – gas turbine engine compressor power with 150 hp and volume of 1.4 liters and an electric motor with output of 27 hp

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